Phone Calls with your Smart Helmet

Hands Free Phone Calling from your Smart Helmet

Utilising the Windbreak Microphone and Bluetooth Speakers, you can answer or make hands-free phone calls on the go. The -42dB array microphone means that your voice can be heard clearly by the receiver even when you are riding up to around 60KM/h.

Can I use your Bling Jet to answer the phone call? What can the Bling Jet be used for?

The Bling Jet can be used for answering and making phone calls. You can click the Confirmation button (middle button) on the bling jet to answer an incoming call and double click the Confirmation button to make an phone call for the last dialing-out number on your smart phone. The Bling Jet can be operated for light-turning signal, walkie-talkie, music playing (pause, song switch), and photo taking except for answering the phone call.

How do I answer my phone calls and make a phone call?

You can take incoming call by pressing the Confirmation button once during your riding.You can make a phone call by continually pressing the the Confirmation button twice to dial out the phone number you made in the last time.

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