SH50 Smart City Commuter Bling Helmet White

Young, is an attitude

Those who work really hard and return home late are those whose safety require special attention

Life is all about struggling. No matter how late it needs to be, we are these for you. This smart & safe city commuter bling helmet equips automatic sensor lightning plus passive protection, a driving force for you to keep going.

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A guardian angel for those who come home late

Automatic Sensor Lightning

Long Battery Life

Magnetic Charge

IPX4 Wateproof


Smart Sensor Lighting

Integrated Master Control

One-button Control


Lovely Design with Rich Connotation

The SH50 smart helmet adopts a concise and fluent design with natural transition between brim and body for a harmonious visual pleasure. The helmet shape is specifically designed for Asians, superior wearing comfort guaranteed. It looks really nice whether riding a bike, E-bike, or scooter.


Automatic Light Sensation LED Lighting Bright but not Dazzling

As equipped a 7-key high brightness LED lightning group, with automatic light sensation function, this bling helmet is capable of automatic starting up or stanby according to the intensity of the ambient light. By adopting precise mirror polishing process, the lightning strip reaches a 180-meter visual distance, a sweet safe companion in the late night.


Automatic Light Sensation

Mirror Polishing


All data are measured in a typical urban night environment by Smart4U lab. There might be deviation in the course of practical use because of the change of objective environment.


Built-in 12 Vents for Excellent Ventilation

The more vents of the helmet, the better ventilation and faster cooling while the portection body of the helmet, to the contrast, is lessened. On the premise of safety and good ventilations, we introduce the aerodynamics design concept and verified 12 vents as the optimal solution.