SH50U Smart City Commuter Bling Helmet Army Grey M


Young, it’s an attitude

Those who work very hard and return home late are those whose safety requires special attention.

Life is a constant struggle. No matter how late it is, we are here for you. This smart and safe bling helmet for urban commuters equips an automatic lightning sensor plus passive protection, a driving force to keep you going.

Other colors: Black, White

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With fall sensor and SOS alert

Thanks to its own APP (Smart Riding) and the fact that the SH50U helmet has a built-in fall sensor, safety is further increased.

In the event of an accident, the APP starts a 90-second countdown, which if not stopped, will send an SOS alert message to the previously selected contacts, with the exact location, via GPS, of the location of the injured person.

12 built-in holes for excellent ventilation

With the premise of increasing safety and providing the SH50U helmet with optimal ventilation, Smart4U has introduced the concept of aerodynamic design and its 12 ventilation slots are the ideal solution.

Automatic LED Light – Bright Illumination Without Glare

Equipped with 7-key high-brightness LED lighting group, with automatic light function. Thus the helmet is able to turn on or off automatically according to the intensity of the ambient light. And thanks to a precise mirror polishing process, the lighting strip achieves a visual distance of 180 meters.

Automatic brake warning further enhances active safety

When the built-in sensor detects a significant deceleration, the helmet’s rear LED light automatically illuminates for about 2 seconds, warning vehicles behind the user.

A waterproof design / Suitable for all types of climates

The Smart4U SH50U helmet incorporates the IPX4 waterproof system in its design for adequate protection in the event of moderate rain.

Integral Mold for better protection

The outer shell of the helmet uses PC (polycarbonate) material while the interior is made of high-density PSI-205T EPS (polystyrene foam). With an integral molding of the external and internal layers, which drastically reinforces the impact resistance of the helmet so that daily trips are much safer on the road.

The SH50U helmet, with a compact and resistant design, has a natural transition between the visor and the body of the helmet to achieve a great adaptation to the contour of the head, guaranteeing superior comfort. The SH50U helmet is specially designed for bicycle, e-bike, scooter users … It is equipped with 7-key high-brightness LED lighting (visible in an environment of 180 meters), with an automatic light sensation function, thanks to which it is able to activate or stop automatically according to the intensity of the ambient light. It also has a brake sensor, fall sensor and SOS alert.


Sizes: M: 54-58 cm.

Materials: EPS + PC

LED lights: 7 rear LEDs

Fall sensor and SOS alert

Charging Port: Magnet USB

Electrical parameters: DC 5V / 1A

Battery capacity: 3.7V / 455mAH

Charging time: 3 hrs (approximately)

Battery life: between 26-36 hours in light mode

Standby time: Max. 180 days

Approximate weight: 380 gr. (L) / 370 gr. (M)

Ventilation Slots: 12

Colors / Sizes: Army Grey (M), Black (L)  & White (M)

Waterproof system: IPX4

Auto power off

Stop lights